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3800 U/Mg Pro 10mg Recombinant Trypsin For Insulin Production

3800 U/Mg Pro 10mg Recombinant Trypsin For Insulin Production

  • 3800 U/Mg Pro 10mg Recombinant Trypsin For Insulin Production
3800 U/Mg Pro 10mg Recombinant Trypsin For Insulin Production
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China, Shanghai
Brand Name: YAXINBIO
Certification: NQA ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: RPT0203
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10mg
Price: $49
Packaging Details: 10mg
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100000000mg
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Detailed Product Description
Product: Recombinant Trypsin CAT NO.: RPT0203
Activity: 3800 U/mg Pro. Packing: 10mg
Source: Trypsin ManufacturerManufacturerManufacturerManufacturer: Yaxinbio
High Light:

CAS 9002-07


3800 U/Mg Pro Recombinant Trypsin


10mg Recombinant Trypsin

Recombinant Trypsin CP2020 Activity 3800 U/Mg Pro. For Insulin Production

Recombinant Trypsin (Liquid)--Pharmacopoeia Grade RPT0203

Cat.No.: RPT0203

CAS: 9002-07-7


Source: Recombinant Trypsin (Porcine), produced by genetic engineering, have the same amino acid sequence as the porcine pancreas trypsin.


1.Product Introduction

Trypsin specifically cleaves C-terminal peptide bonds of lysine and arginine, which can degrade intercellular binding proteins. The amino acid sequence of the Recombinant Trypsin produced by Yaxin Bio is the same as that of porcine pancreas-derived trypsin, and is produced by recombinant E. coli expression. It can replace traditional extraction of trypsin for cell digestion in vaccines, stem cells, immune cell therapy, drug screening, antibodies and other fields. Aprotinin, soybean trypsin inhibitor, etc. can inhibit enzyme activity.


2.Product Advantage

In accordance with

Pharmacopoeia standards

The product is in accordance with the relevant standards of recombinant trypsin in Pharmacopoeia.
Animal origin free The product is produced by recombination and no any animal source material is used in the production process. No exogenous virus contamination, safe to use.
High purity The product is produced by recombination, no miscellaneous enzyme. Host protein and DNA residues are in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards.
High cell digestibility High purity. The effect of impurities on cell growth is avoided. High specific activity lead to lower amount of trypsin needed to add for achieving the desired digestion effect.
Stable quality Stable and continuous batch supply, little difference between batches of products, stable quality. Production process follows NSF ISO 9001:2015 quality system and complies with GMP guidelines and provides relevant regulatory support documents.


3.Product Features

Items Specification
1.Appearance Clear, colorless or shallow yellow powder
2.Identification Positive
3.Protein Concentration 70±10 mg/ml.
4.(RP-HPLC) β-trypsin≥70%,α-trypsin ≤20%
5.(Specific Activity) ≥3800 (U/mg protein)
6.E. Coli host Cell protein residue ≤0.01%
7.Host Cell DNA residues ≤ 10 ng/mg

Activity unit: 25℃, pH7.6, 3.2 ml reaction solution(1 cm light path), one trypsin unit (USP) was defined as an increase of 0.003 in the absorption value at 253 nm by enzymatic hydrolysis of BAEE per minute.


4.Product instruction

1. Solution preparation: Melt Recombinant Trypsin at room temperature, take an appropriate amount of trypsin according to the protein content of COA, and add HBSS equilibration solution (or other buffer suitable for cell digestion. If necessary, add EDTA to a final concentration of 0-1mM, It is best not to exceed 2 mM). The recommended trypsin concentration is about 0.1-0.3mg / ml (concentration adjusted according to different cells), and gently mixed; this step can be operated at room temperature

2. Use a 0.22 μm filter to filter the trypsin solution and transfer it to a sterile container; this step can be operated at room temperature;

3. The filtered trypsin solution should be used directly as required on the day (for example, adding 1ml to T25 bottles, digesting cells at 37 °C), and the liquid can be stored at 2-8 °C for 1-2 weeks.

4. Long-term storage: If the prepared recombinant phosphatase cell digestion solution needs to be stored for a long time, it can be stored stably at -20 °C for 12 months.



Stability of storage: The recombinant trypsin solution was stored under -20℃ and was stable for 12 months;

Stability of transportation: Dry ice insulation transportation, won’t melt during transportation, stable activity.


6.Product Usage

For cell culture:

1. Tissue block digestion, primary cell acquisition;

2. Passage digestion of adherent cells;

3. Cell culture by microcarrier method;

4. Gently digesting stem cells;

5. Immune cell therapy, etc.

For recombinant protein:

1. Recombinant insulin production;

2. Protein sequencing, peptide mapping;

3. Specific proteolytic processes such as proteomics research.


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