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      Shanghai Yaxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, which is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on researching and producing the recombinant proteins.YaxinBio is the first and only company on researching and producing the recombinant carboxypeptidase B and recombinant trypsin. Animal-origin-free enzymes are specially used in the human recombinant insulin production, and exporting abroad.

       Recombinant trypsin is used in the cell culturing process,which conforms to the 2014 USP on the usage of trypsin in the cell culture and the 2020 CP. Animal-origin-free is very important for the production of antibody and vaccine.Usage of recombinat trypsin fundamentally solves the problem of animal original virus contamination in the human recombinant insulin production.

       YaxinBio insists on “scientific and technological innovation”, has developed with independent intellectual property rights of the products.YaxinBio obtained the support of Chinese ministry of science and technology and Shanghai innovation fund project in 2010; The products recombinant trypsin, recombinant carboxypeptidase B and recombinant protein A won the Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project in Sep.2013.

        Shanghai Yaxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has the ability to produce and supply high-purity and high-activity biological products, together with complete supervision services, making the company the preferred supplier of many leading international biopharmaceutical companies.


History of YaxinBio


(1)Established in 2008. Dr Suxia Li as founder and technical expert
(2)In 2009, the first product, recombinant carboxypeptidase B (rCPB) was successful in market.
(3)In 2010, both rCPB and rTrypsin gained full success and used in r-insulin production process in China and exported to Europe and India.
(4)In 2012, recombinant Protein A, got success in market.
(5)In 2013, gained certificate of NSF ISO9001:2008.
(6)In 2014, recombinant Enterokinase lauched.
(7)In 2015, recombinant Aprotinin; and sequencing grade rTrypsin and rCPB; woned Shanghai high-tech Incorporation.
(8)In 2016, recombinant chymotrypsin and recombinant V8 (endoproteinase Glu-C) and Kex 2 succeed.
(9)In 2017, improve ICH quality system

(10)In 2020, Recombinant Trypsin Quality Standard of 2020 Chinese Pharmacopoeia




Product List


Sequencing Grade Carboxypeptidase B

Recombinant Porcine Trypsin

Recombinant Carboxypeptidase B

Recombinant Human Trypsin

Recombinant Enterokinase

Protein A affinity media 

Sequencing Grade Modified Recombinant Trypsin

recombinant trypsin

recombinant protein A

recombinant enterokinase

recombinant aprotinin

Recombinant Kex2 Protease

V8(Endoproteinase Glu-C)

Recombinant Carboxypeptidase B ELISA Kit

Recombinant Trypsin ELISA Kit

Recombinant Enterokinase ELISA Kit

Recombinant Kex2 Protease ELISA Kit

Super Nuclease

Our Team

Research and development department 

Marketing Department
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No. of Employees : 20~45

Annual Sales : 50000-100000

Year Established : 2008

Export p.c : 10% - 20%